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Papers available for download:
Love as Human Freedom
Hamlet’s Self-Realization, Oxford series, Centers of Reflection: Literature, Philosophy and Thought, edited by Tzachi Zamir and Richard Eldridge (forthcoming)NOT YET PUBLISHED — COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
Review of Blair Hoxby What Was Tragedy? Theory and the Early Modern Canon, Theatre Journal (forthcoming)NOT YET PUBLISHED — COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
Learning to Notice: Light and Shadow, From Chauvet Cave to Plato’s Cave and Beyond, Existenz, special issue on Plato’s Cave, edited by Michael Weinmann (under consideration) NOT YET PUBLISHED — COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
Art and Necessity: Some Remarks on Lessing’s Critical Practice , In Re-Thinking Lessing’s Laocoon, edited by Michael Squire and Avi Lifschitz (Cambridge, forthcoming) NOT YET PUBLISHED — COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
What is Shakespearean Tragedy?, The Oxford Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy
What Can the Human Sciences Say about Freedom Today?, Politica Comun, Volume 9, 2016
Review of Rocco Rubini, The Other Renaissance
Review of Victoria Kahn, The Future of Illusion
Review of Quentin Skinner, Forensic Shakespeare
Why Think About Shakespearean Tragedy? in The Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy (Cambridge UP, 2014)
Duel (in Early Modern Theatricality, edited by Henry Turner, Oxford 2014)
How the Humanities Will Save the World, Los Angeles Review of Books, December 2014
Novus Ordo Saeclarum: Hannah Arendt on Revolutionary Spirit, in Political Theology in Early Modernity, eds. Lupton and Hammill
Review of Peter Holbrook’s Shakespeare’s Individualism
Review of Peter Raatzsch’s The Apologetics of Evil
Slipping on Banana Peels, Tumbling into Wells: Philosophy and Comedy